Guitar Rig

I'm an amateur guitar player, learning how to play the electric guitar just for fun.

This is the equipment that I use for my studies. It is all simple and cheap, to be compatible with my skills. ;-)



This is a "Les Paul" style guitar, black.

More info (in Brazilian Portuguese):

Strinberg EGS 216 BK

This is a "Stratocaster" style guitar, black.

More info (in Brazilian Portuguese):

Effects Pedals

Zoom G1Xon

This is a cheap Zoom effects pedal, with expression pedal, lots of pre-built patches, amplifier emulators, chromatic tuner, looper, rhythm patterns, etc. I use it most of the time, with my headphones, instead of using the amplifier.

More info:

Audio Interfaces

Behringer U-CONTROL UCA222

This is a simple audio interface, that I use to record myself playing and listen afterwards. I bought it because it is known to work fine on Linux, but I'm still struggling a bit with Audacity.

This interface requires a pre-amplifier, then I need to use it together with my effects pedal.

More info:


ONERR Twenty 20

This is a 20W combo with (not so good) built-in overdrive.


Fortrek Blast DJ HP903

This is a simple headphone with 3.5mm connector (and 6.3mm adaptor) and big speakers (57mm of diameter). Comfortable enough to play for a few hours.

More info (in Brazilian Portuguese):


I like to study with Dunlop .71mm picks and Ernie Ball Regular Slinky 10-46 strings.

Cables are all simple, blinded, handmade.

Sometimes I use a cheap dedicated chromatic tuner with metronome.