Gentoo Electronics' status

Although I'm relatively busy with my work to improve Lua on Gentoo I need to update you about my main role: sci-electronics. Actually, the Gentoo Electronics subproject right now.

On October 17 the developers from the sci-electronics herd had a meeting to discuss the state of the herd and the creation of a subproject. At the end of the meeting I was elected the lead of this subproject, and now I should stop slacking and start doing something to make the "Soldering Iron Brotherhood" move ahead.

The subproject page was created by me, based on a work of Denis (Calchan), with some help of Thomas (TomJBE) and is already online (not listed on the Science page because its not done yet):

Currently we have 2 main tasks:

  • Recruit new developers: We need more developers to take care of the electronics-related stuff. New blood is never enough. ;) I still can't mentoring anyone to join Gentoo as developer, but I'm sure that some senior developer will be glad to help you join the team if you are really interested.
  • Write test benches: Electronics software is kinda esoteric. Arch testers usually are not specialists, then we should provide good test benches to make their life easier when stabilizing our packages.

That's all for now.

Feel free to contact me and stay tuned! :)

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