Gentoo: News for PIC developers

Some weeks ago I decided to restart working with PIC microcontrollers, just for fun, and bought some electronic components, tools, etc. After having everything in hands, I started looking at the state of the PIC development tools in Gentoo, and found some outdated packages. I updated the packages I wanted to use (dev-embedded/gputils and dev-embedded/gpsim; dev-embedded/sdcc still needs some work), and added some other packages (dev-embedded/cpik, a C compiler for PIC 18F, and re-added dev-embedded/pikdev, a simple graphic IDE for the development of PIC-based applications, that was previously removed due to the usage of kdelibs3, and now is a Qt4-only application).

I'll be putting some effort on packaging the MPLAB X IDE and the XC8 compiler in the next weeks, if permitted by their licenses. I'm not sure yet.

That's all for now.


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