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Creating a tumblelog with blohg

Tumblelogs are old stuff, but services like Tumblr popularized them a lot recently. Thumblelogs are a quick and simple way to share random content with readers. They can be used to share a link, a photo, a video, a quote, a chat log, etc.

blohg is a good blogging engine, we know, but what about tumblelogs?!

You can already share videos from Youtube and Vimeo, and can share most of the other stuff manually, but it is boring, and diverges from the main objective of the tumblelogs: simplicity.

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Deploying blohg to bitbucket

Bitbucket is a repository hosting service widely used by Mercurial users. Its basic plan is free and includes unlimited private repositories.

Some people don't know, because it isn't widely advertised, but Bitbucket provides free web hosting for static files. Any files stored in a repo called username.bitbucket.org will be served from http://username.bitbucket.org/. It just works for user names, as far as I know.

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blohg, A Mercurial based blog engine

The more detail-oriented people may have noticed that this blog runs on a different blog engine, called blohg, that's developed by myself. I'm developing it for some time already, but it's the first time that I'm talking about it here.

It's my pet project, that I do for fun when I'm annoyed with the real world issues, and wasn't created to be distributed. This situation changed a bit during the last months and now it have a few users, a website (http://blohg.org/), and is distributed in the Python Package index (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/blohg) and Gentoo (www-apps/blohg).

It uses Mercurial to store and manage the blog content, and reStructuredText as markup language. There's also some cool features implemented. Take a look at the official documentation here:


If you like Mercurial and want something new for your blog, give blohg a try. :)