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This is just a quick (and late) post about FISL 13, that happened at Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil, from July 25th to 28th.

It was a really cool conference, and I had the first chance to meet another Collaboran (Thiago Santos), and lots of people that I just knew from the Internet.

I had an activity in the schedule. It was a talk/BoF about Google Summer of Code, with some discussions and lightning talks about the projects developed by the present students and mentors. I presented an introduction about the Google Summer of Code and moderated the discussions and lightning talks. Pretty cool! :)

Thanks to my employer Collabora for sponsoring the trip.

LinuxCon Brazil 2010

Last week I have been attending to the LinuxCon Brazil 2010, that was the first edition of this event here in Brazil.

All the talks were pretty good and the event was a great oportunity to meet nice people, good projects and learn some cool stuff (and get an autograph of Linus Torvalds as well :)

Unfortunately the Gentoo presence in the event was null. Well, not really null because I was there, but it seems that the Brazilian users are not very interested in Gentoo and I'm not sure if someone will be able to change this some day.

Maybe I'll write more stuff about the LinuxCon soon.

Stay tuned! ;)