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g-octave: past, present and future

I started g-octave in the end of 2009, as a pet project. I was needing something better to deal with octave-forge software than the old sci-mathematics/octave-forge-* packages distributed by the gentoo-science overlay. In a few weeks it was already able to do the basic stuff: install/uninstall packages, manage the package database, etc. I had a lot of fun working on this project.

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[ANN] g-octave 0.4.1

I just released g-octave 0.4.1, that is a bug fix release. This version fixes the bug #340577 and some issues with the script manage_pkgdb.py.

Additionally, this release comes with an updated package database. The new packages are:

  • dataframe-0.4
  • dataframe-0.5
  • nan-2.3.0
  • nan-2.3.1
  • nurbs-1.3.1
  • tsa-4.1.0
  • fits-1.0.0
  • general-1.2.2
  • io-1.0.13
  • parallel-2.0.2
  • parallel-2.0.4

The ebuild is already available on the Gentoo main tree (a.k.a. Portage tree) and updated documentation can be found here:


Please test it! :)


g-octave reaches the main tree!

Since the last sunday I'm officially a Gentoo developer and one of my first actions was move g-octave from the science overlay to the main tree.

Now any Gentoo user will be able to install g-octave without using the science overlay (but the ebuild is still marked as unstable). I hope that this will increase the number of users testing it, and possibly reporting issues.

I'm still using my Trac instance to receive bug reports, mainly because my automated scripts are still depending on the Trac XMLRPC API.

You will still needs to use the science overlay if you want to install the live version of g-octave, at least for now.

I hope you all enjoy and contribute!


GSoC is over!

I'm done with my work on the Google Summer of Code for this year and I would like to thank to all the people that helped me during the last 3 months.

Special thanks goes to my mentor (Denis Dupeyron) by all the friendship, support and the daily talks. I know that it was not easy for him. ;)

I would also like to thank:

Thank you all for make my Winter(?) coolest. ;)

I'm sorry if I forgot someone.

That's all for now...

Oooops... Wait! I'm not leaving the Gentoo development as can looks like, of course! My work is only starting. :)

Thanks again!