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GSoC and Scrum

This year I helped the Gentoo GSoC project as a mentor for the first time! I mentored Jauhien Piatlicki, that worked on the g-sorcery project, that is a framework for automated ebuild generators. It is meant to replace g-octave and some of the other Gentoo automated ebuild generators in the future.

For those who don't know, Google Summer of Code is a Google program that pays a student to work during 3 months on an open source project.

I have been using Scrum at work for some time already, and asked Jauhien about trying to use it in our project. We agreed on using it wherever it made sense for our workflow. In other words, we adapted Scrum to our workflow, instead of adapt our workflow to Scrum. That's because none of us was a Scrum expert, and because we needed to follow Gentoo/Google guidelines and timeline during all the project, making it hard to apply some aspects of the Scrum methodologies.

We had sprints of 2 weeks, starting on monday, after a quick planning on IRC. We had a private IRC channel at Freenode, where we discussed stuff, had meetings, etc.

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This is just a quick (and late) post about FISL 13, that happened at Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil, from July 25th to 28th.

It was a really cool conference, and I had the first chance to meet another Collaboran (Thiago Santos), and lots of people that I just knew from the Internet.

I had an activity in the schedule. It was a talk/BoF about Google Summer of Code, with some discussions and lightning talks about the projects developed by the present students and mentors. I presented an introduction about the Google Summer of Code and moderated the discussions and lightning talks. Pretty cool! :)

Thanks to my employer Collabora for sponsoring the trip.

Reworking patches with Mercurial Queues

The first task of my GSoC project was to add XZ support to diffball, that is a tool that generates binary deltas for tarballs and binaries in general.

diffball is versioned using Git, that isn't something I like, personally. I usually do Git in the same way as I do CVS and other centralized version control systems, resulting in a bad patch series.

As I don't know how to rework patches properly with Git, I did it using Mercurial Queues that are something I know better.

I'll show here how I reworked this patch series, as a mini-howto.

Enjoy :)

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Google OSS Jam 2011 - São Paulo

Last night I participated of the third edition of Google OSS Jam, that happened at the offices of Google in São Paulo.

The event was very cool, and a nice opportunity to meet other people highly interested in open source software and nerdy stuff.

This time I talked about my current GSoC project: Distfile patching support for Gentoo.

I was not so clear as I expected, but I think that people understood what I tried to say. :)

Slides (in Brazilian Portuguese) are here: http://walrus.rafaelmartins.com/~rafael/talks/goj2011-distpatch.pdf

Many thanks to Rodolpho Eckhardt and all the other Googlers behind this nice event.