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Lua on Gentoo - progress report #1

Following with the work to improve the Lua programing language on Gentoo, I created an overlay where I'm working on the experimental stuff. Currently I'm working to support the usage of LuaJIT as the main Lua implementation (using an eselect module, that I'm writing as well). There's nothing ready for usage yet, but the work is going fine.

After that, I'll work on the creation of lua.eclass (actually I already have an eclass done, but it needs a major rewrite and improvements).

This process is pretty slow because I'm working alone and this is not my main task as Gentoo developer. :(


New category: dev-lua

Last friday I moved all the Lua-related packages already on the main tree to the just created dev-lua category. The package moves were smooth and the things should be ok now.

I also added myself as co-maintainer of some of the packages and will fix/update them soon.

I hope you all enjoy and contribute to the newest Gentoo package category. ;)

Lua libraries on Gentoo

Since before I became a Gentoo developer I'm planning to create an overlay with packages for Lua libraries. Actually I already worked a bit on it, but this thing is far from done. Some libraries are tricky to pack properly due to some reasons that I'll discuss in the future.

I would like to know how much the Gentoo community is interested in this work and if some other developers are interested in join me in this journey and maybe create a Lua project in a near future.

I'm waiting your contact! ;)