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Project homepages for slackers

Warning: This project is deprecated. Look at http://rafaelmartins.eng.br/projects/

Create a homepage and documentation for a project is a boring task. I have a few projects that were not released yet due to lack of time and motivation to create a simple webpage and write down some Sphinx-based documentation.

To fix this issue I did a quick hack based on my favorite pieces of software: Flask, docutils and Mercurial. It is a single file web application that creates homepages automatically for my projects, using data gathered from my Mercurial repositories. It uses the tags, the README file, and a few variables declared on the repository's .hgrc file to build an interesting homepage for each project. I just need to improve my READMEs! :)

It works similarly to the PyPI Package Index, but accepts any project hosted on a Mercurial repository, including my non-Python and Gentoo-only projects.

My instance of the application lives here (not anymore):


The application is highly tied to my workflow, e.g. the way I handle tags and the directory structure of my repositories on my server, but the code is available in a Mercurial repository:


Most of my projects aren't listed yet, and I'll start enabling them as soon as I fix their READMEs.

Deploying blohg to bitbucket

Bitbucket is a repository hosting service widely used by Mercurial users. Its basic plan is free and includes unlimited private repositories.

Some people don't know, because it isn't widely advertised, but Bitbucket provides free web hosting for static files. Any files stored in a repo called username.bitbucket.org will be served from http://username.bitbucket.org/. It just works for user names, as far as I know.

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Reworking patches with Mercurial Queues

The first task of my GSoC project was to add XZ support to diffball, that is a tool that generates binary deltas for tarballs and binaries in general.

diffball is versioned using Git, that isn't something I like, personally. I usually do Git in the same way as I do CVS and other centralized version control systems, resulting in a bad patch series.

As I don't know how to rework patches properly with Git, I did it using Mercurial Queues that are something I know better.

I'll show here how I reworked this patch series, as a mini-howto.

Enjoy :)

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My participation in the Google Summer of Code 2010

Yeah! I'll work for Gentoo Linux this summer (winter here in Brazil)!

My project for finish the development of g-octave was accepted, and I'll be paid by Google to do this job as part of the Google Summer of Code. :o)

I would like to thanks to all the people involved from Gentoo, specially Denis Dupeyron (my mentor) and Sébastien Fabbro.

I also applied for another project: add the support for narrow cloning to the Mercurial SCM. This feature would be very useful for all the people using Mercurial, but unfortunately I can work for only one project in the summer.

I would like to thanks to all the Mercurial community, that helped me when I was trying to understand how Mercurial works internally and figuring out a way of implementation to write my proposal. Special thanks goes to Peter Arrenbrecht, Martin Geisler and Dirkjan Ochtman.

I have plans to work on this feature in the future, according with my possibilities of time.

By the way, Mercurial will be with me in this summer yet, as my SCM of choice for g-octave. :)

Good luck for all us!