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Silly Wizard

A few months ago, following the indication of some friend, I subscribed to Calm Radio. It is a nice web service, where you pay a few dollars per month and have access to several streaming channels, with random songs from different music styles being played, and you can even mix the songs with some atmospheres, like storm, forest, wind and others.

I have tried almost all the available channels, and ended up choosing the Celtic channel as my favorite one. I used to work listening to it every day (while I had an internet connection at work, but this doesn't matters now ;). This is how I got introduced to the fantastic world of the Celtic music.

But this post is about Silly Wizard, I was just introducing the topic. Silly Wizard was a well-known Scottish folk band, active from 1970 to 1988. I'm not going to talk about their history, but you're free for research. :)

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